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Are you organising a Hen Party - is it stressing you out?

I have organised my fair share and sometimes it can be a nightmare (but always fun in the end)! There is a lot to think about with securing the date, venue, theme and the funds! Argh! Then there are the activities! How do you keep a group of people of all ages and different friendship groups entertained, whilst sticking to a budget?

Answer – Risky Biscuits!

After creating this activity for a particularly artistic friend of mine, I decided to launch Risky Biscuits. It provided an afternoon of entertainment that was suitable for the whole group – mum’s, aunts and grannies included! It gave us a brief respite from the booze, and contributed to a very amusing afternoon tea.

The DIY kit is designed to offer a budget friendly activity that everyone can get involved in, have a good laugh at each other’s creations and then eat the evidence! The biscuits are especially great dipped into a coffee or tea the morning after, the perfect hangover cure to get you through the journey home!

If you haven’t got time to fit Risky Biscuits in as an activity, how’s about ordering some pre-decorated dick bics for everyone to enjoy on arrival, or to take home with them as a memento. 

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