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Two of the greatest things in the world, I think we can all agree, are boobs and biscuits. Which is exactly why I’m thrilled to introduce you to the newest addition to the Risky Biscuits family: boob biscuits!

The story of the boob biscuits

Boob biscuits have been on my to-do list for a while, but after a number of requests at the Unwedding Show in Brighton, I knew it was time to bring them to life.


Just like their peen counterparts, you can now opt for a DIY box of delicious boob biscuits to decorate, including plenty of icing, yummy sprinkles and, of course…eyeballs. Alternatively, you can buy pre-decorated boob biscuits in boxes of two and six. Or, if you’re feeling naughty, you could just chuck a solo boob in on top of any existing order!

Every biscuit includes a charity donation

What’s even better is that every boob biscuit purchase leads to a donation to charity: in particular, the wonderful Little Lifts. 


Little Lifts exists to support people with breast cancer by providing giftboxes containing 25 handpicked gifts curated by people who have experience of breast cancer treatment. intended to boost their mood. Each gift is thoughtfully chosen to boost the patient’s mood (and is all ethically sourced, too!) Their aim is to provide gift boxes to every breast cancer patient in the UK receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, and so far they are doing a pretty amazing job! They have partnerships with 9 hospitals, and have gifted over 9,000 boxes so far – and with the boob biscuits, we can make that even more.

So who can you send boob biscuits to?

So who can you send boob biscuits to? Well, as with all things Risky Biscuits, the only limit is your imagination! We’ve listed some of our favourite past orders below to act as inspiration for who you could delight with boob biscuits through the post…

Your partner

Of course, you want to give your partner the best thing in the world: but you can’t wrap yourself up in wrapping paper and ribbon because, frankly, you’ve got a life to lead. So why not get them the next best thing? An edible, loving reminder of just one part of you. 


(My mum actually did this, when she was off on a girls holiday: she left my dad a boob biscuit under his pillow. No further questions please!)

Your friends 

We’ve all got at least one friend with outstanding boobs – whether small or large, pert or full, breathtaking or lifegiving, they’re the best in show, pick of the crop. So why not celebrate their next occasion or event with biscuits that pay homage to this? 


And you know what they say; if you can’t think of that friend in your group, chances are: it’s you. Good on you! For so long, we’ve been taught that our boobs are for the benefit of other people: reclaim them for yourself with some boob biscuits.

Thinking of you

It’s not just our food that we like playing with here at Risky Biscuits; we’re partial to a bit of wordplay, too. So if you’ve got a pal who needs a smile putting on their face, you can always send them a boob biscuit with a message that tells them that even though they’re a tit, you still love them. 

Boob-hungry kids

This one was also inspired by a real-life example; someone bought one of our boob biscuits for their small child who was still breastfeeding. He immediately latched onto the nipple, which I took as a compliment on their realism!

Coming out gifts

(The alternative title for this section was boob-hungry adults…) Just like Steve Harrington says in Stranger Things: you like boobies, I like boobies, we all like boobies. If you have a pal who’s recently come out and you want to show them a little love, then these could make the perfect gift.

Stag, hen, and sten dos

And, of course, where the Risky Biscuits journey back, with the boob biscuits’ peen pals: stag, hen, and sten dos. If you’re not peen-inclined, then they’re the perfect addition, whether it’s as a sweet treat or a fun activity!


I’m SO excited about these boob biscuits finally being available to purchase and devour! Who are you planning to send them to? Do let me know!

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