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Top Hen Party Trends 2023: Activities, accommodation and more

As we round the corner towards summer – though if someone could pass the message on to the weather, please, that would be great – I thought it’d be fun to look at the top hen party trends for 2023, and how we’re liking them so far. 


Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration for a fashionista friend who loves to be on trend; perhaps you’re looking for some last minute inspiration for a hen do in the not-too-distant future; or maybe you’re getting your d*cks (sorry, ducks) in a row for future hen plans. Whatever the reason, here’s the Risky Biscuits take on the top hen party trends for 2023:

Princess Peenelope at Norfolk House
Princess Peenelope at Norfolk House in Huddersfield - a great venue for your Hen Party!

Hen party trends for 2023

Early summer hen parties

According to our friends over at Nude Life, the best date for your hen party is likely to be May this year. Last year it was slightly later on 7th August, but with some lovely extra bank holidays, May really is the perfect month to get the gals together without having to take too much time off work. 

If you are following this particular entry in the hen party trends for 2023, then don’t worry: it’s not too late to order your dick bics. Frank and friends can be wanging their way to you in just a few days, and DIY kits can even be posted out the same day – plus everything is posted out first class to ensure speedy delivery. So if you’re looking for a last minute activity to fill some time (no judgement from me), you can relax!

Life drawing

The next two entries on our list of hen party trends for 2023 are activity themed, and the first is life drawing. Life drawing is a mainstay of hen dos and for a good reason: it’s a little cheeky (literally) with a lot of classy. Plus, it’s always fun to get creative and unleash your artistic side.

Afternoon tea

The other activity on our list of hen party trends for 2023 is: afternoon tea. Again, it’s a classic that we love: because what’s not to love about delicious food, dressing fancy, and tiny sandwiches? 


Fun fact: this combo was how Risky Biscuits was born! 

Did you know that a combination of a life drawing class followed by an afternoon tea is exactly how Frank was created and Risky Biscuits was born? I was looking for a seamless way to bridge the gap of time between the two, and a DIY dick bic session was the ultimate solution. Draw the real thing, then decorate the tasty thing, then eat it – what’s not to love?

My first ever Frank at a Hen Party in 2017.

UK hen parties

Topping our list of locations for hen party trends in 2023 is, of course: London, closely followed by Brighton. I can report that Frank loves both of these amazing cities, so we can see why they are a top choice! 


If I was planning a hen party in London soon, I would 100% be booking a session either at the Crystal Maze (Soho) or the life-sized Monopoly experience (Tottenham Court Road). I did the Crystal Maze with a load of friends a few years ago and had a stupid amount of fun…I almost wet myself laughing at one point, which is always a good sign. Another great London activity is one of the Secret Cinema experiences; after my wedding day, my most favourite day ever (!) was Secret Cinema Stranger Things. 


We also absolutely loved being in Brighton last year for the Unwedding show, exploring the lanes, eating all the food and messing about on the beach and pier. There’s so much gorgeous boutique accommodation, too, so Frank can feel super bougie on his beach trip.


Coming in at sixth place for UK hen party destinations is York, which is another brilliant choice. Though I’ve not yet been, Frank’s been to and would recommend both The Peddlers Den and Norfolk House for top-notch staycations.


Now, here’s an entry on the hen party trends for 2023 that I can personally vouch for: have you ever considered Norfolk as the perfect hen party destination? Not that I’m biased or anything, but there’s miles of beautiful beaches, so many great places to eat and drink, and plenty of bars in the good old city of Norwich. Plus, depending on your vibe, there are great places to stay all over the county.

Hen parties abroad

Though previously pesky Covid had momentarily halted hen dos abroad, they are picking back up as one of our hen party trends for 2023. Frank isn’t too fussed on destination, but some of his highlights have been a trip to Slovenia, and even Canada. While I can’t post him outside of the UK, you can absolutely take him with you. I highly recommend taking him as hand luggage – precious cargo on board, and all that…

What are your hen party plans?

Are any of these hen party trends for 2023 whetting your whistle or tickling your pickle (if you’ll pardon the pun?) 


If you’re looking for the perfect activity for your hen do plans, then check out our DIY biscuit kits. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cheeky snack or fun gift bag addition, then you can order pre-decorated biscuits here. 


When you’re ordering, do make sure to tell us what your plans are: we love to hear about where Frank, Penelope and the gang end up! 

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