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Frank’s Anatomy (aka…what is a Risky Biscuit?)

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know all about our cherished mascot Frank (and if you’re new here: hi, hello, welcome!). I thought it was about time to delve into the inner workings of Risky Biscuits and, more specifically, Frank and the other hen party biscuit gang. What’s he made of? What do you get when you place an order with us? How does it all work?
First up: Frank’s Anatomy (where he joins the list of esteemed peers such as Mered*ck Gray, Christina Wang, and…McSteamy and McDreamy, whose names I don’t even need to change!) 
Hello Frank


Delicious ingredients

Our baking ethos is clear: Frank loves to be KISSed. Keep It Simple, Sweetheart – so he and all of our biscuits are made up of just five ingredients (six if they’re chocolate biscuits). These are all ingredients you’d not only recognise and pronounce, but that you may well have in your kitchen right now. And of course, we use only the highest quality ingredients possible, including free range eggs – because I will never compromise on happy hens. 

much appreciated
While I can’t divulge Frank’s exact recipe, I can tell you that to create his sexy look Frank’s icing is just egg white, icing sugar, and water. Fun fact: egg whites make for a super sleek finish, resulting in the smoothest peen you will ever get to stroke…
And, of course, not forgetting the best bit: the sprinkles. I know exactly how exciting it is to open a Frank, Peenelope or boob through the post, because I get the same feeling whenever I get a sprinkle delivery: it feels like Christmas Day. Even my postman knows how important sprinkle delivery day is!
Cheap sprinkles just don’t cut it for Frank and friends. They need sprinkles that are vibrant, good quality, and fun, so I use the wonderful Baking Time Club. As well as ticking all those boxes, they’re vegan, gluten-free, and coloured naturally too (so the blue, for example, is spirulina, not a terrible concoction of E Numbers.) These are also the sprinkles that you get in your DIY kits so you can experience this sprinkle joy too. Each kit is packed with plenty to spare, so you may well use them in future baking projects. Just don’t blame me when supermarket sprinkles no longer cut it…sorry not sorry!

Recyclable, reusable packaging

So, that’s Frank’s Anatomy…but what about his packaging? 


Frank, Peenelope and Co come in cute pink boxes which are made bespoke for me, locally to me. (When I am in need of a top up, I go and pick them up myself!) Within this, they luxuriate on a bed of shredded paper, to keep them cosy and safe in transit. 


Both the box and the paper are recyclable,  as well as the plastic bags used to keep Frank fresh, and for the icing sugar in the DIY kits. Or, even better: why not reuse them? 


The shredded paper works well as packing material for wrapping gifts, or if you have a child nearby, it makes a great addition to their play time as a good bed for their zoo animal friends! And if you’re on your way to the actual zoo, I’ve been told that the sprinkle pots make great snack pots – for the kids, that is, not the animals. For extra padding, there’s also some (pink!) bubble wrap lining the box – I try to use a fairly sizable piece so that you can reuse this.


Sent with love

It’s of the utmost importance that Frank arrives to you in perfect condition, so I use Royal Mail for all my peen posting. As they pound the pavements rather than driving to every doorstep, our brilliant posties are the most eco-friendly option, as well as the most gentle with my precious cargo. And as I send everything tracked, both you and Frank really do get the VIP treatment!

Because, let’s be Frank…

…life’s too short for low-quality peens. That’s why every single element of Frank, Peenelope and the gang has been carefully curated, so that you can have fun that’s also fancy. Happy hens, happy planet, happy Frank!


If you’ve got any questions about Frank, then feel free to get in touch here. Alternatively, you can buy your own here.

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