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If you are looking for an activity to please everyone, then you have come to the right place! Here you can find out more about what is included in the kits, how and when to order, and access the instructions. Have a read through and let me know if you have any questions by filling out the contact form or dropping me a message via social media or email.

Common questions...

Can I order in advance?

The answer is yes! At checkout you can select your preferred delivery date, and I will post out your kit in plenty of time to reach you for that date.

What is the turnaround time?

I know how difficult it is to organise a group, especially if you haven’t met some of them before (hello hen parties!). I recommend getting your order in as soon as you have your date and final numbers. If it is getting a bit close to your event date, drop me a quick message as I can get these out to you in just a couple of days and there is also an option to upgrade your postage to ensure next day delivery!

What is included?

Each kit contains your biscuits, a variety of sprinkles, icing and piping bags. The icing comes ready coloured, all you need to do is decant into bowls and add water. I provide instructions on mixing the icing, but it is always handy to grab yourself an extra bag of icing sugar, just in case it ends up too watery!

How do I order?

Head to the DIY Dick Bics page and select your party size. At checkout, you can select a delivery date. I recommend arranging delivery for a couple of days before your event, that way you can check your biscuits for any major damage. They are packaged very carefully and should arrive intact. However, sometimes accidents happen in transit, and if this is the case I will have time send out some replacements.

Can I send them to my venue?

Technically yes, as long as you have permission from the venue owner in advance. Someone will need to be in to receive them and preferably not the random group of people hiring out the venue before you! Getting them sent to yourself or a member of your party is best as you will have the chance to check the biscuits in advance.

How much do they cost?

Boxes come in party sizes of up to ten, fifteen or twenty people and prices start at just £3.50 per person including p&p. A bargain for an afternoon’s entertainment and tasty snacks as a result!
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Which option should I choose?

Your peens will be sent first class Royal Mail as standard, however, if you are ordering last minute for the six box or ten box, or you want guaranteed delivery for a specific date, please choose special delivery.